In its zeal for sharing its experience within the energy industry and for growing still further, DVA has been present at the following events.


27th International Conference & Exhibition Nitrogen+Syngas, Paris, 2014
February 2014

DVA participated as guest speaker at the 27th International Nitrogen + Syngas 2014 Congress in Paris. With over 550 participants representing producers, engineers, consumers, technology and engineering contractors and service providers from across the ammonia, urea, methanol and nitrates industries, Nitrogen+Syngas continues to be the premier industry event for business and professional development and hight-level networking.



Project Meeting LOCIMAP Tarragona
November 2013

David Velazquez

DVA participated as guest speaker to LOCIMAP (Low Carbon Manufacturing Industrial Park) conferences, organized by BASF in its Tarragona production site on 13 and 14 November 2013. Among others, LYONDELL BASELL, DOW CHEMICAL, REPSOL CHEMICALS, IBERDROLA, ICIQ Research Center and Club of Excellence and Sustainability attended the event. David Velázquez, CEO of DVA, gave a speech about existing opportunities of energy cost reduction through process energy optimization in chemical industry. In this respect he was presenting iManergy software and its potentials for effective energy management aimed at energy optimization.

International Fair of Technologies – IFT Energy 2012
May 2012

From May 9th-11th, the city of Santiago de Chile hosted the International Fair of Technologies, which had a wide programme of conferences where the biggest international energy companies (including those working on energy solutions for Latin America) participated and presented their innovations.

DVA was one of the sponsors of the event and participated in the conferences sharing its vision in regards to methodologies to achieve energy optimisation in order to reduce costs and CO2 emissions in industrial and cogeneration plants (Metodologías de optimización energética integral para la reducción de costes y emisiones de CO2 en planas industriales y de cogeneración).  This event also provided a great opportunity for networking amongst participants and for initiating new business possibilities in Chile. 

I International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management
May 2012

DVA was present at this important scientific fair for the better use of energy.  Held in Salamanca (Spain), it gathered academics, researchers and scientists of several universities from Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

The aim of this event was to join academics, researchers and scientists of several universities in an international forum to discuss about the importance of water, waste and energy management, and also to present results of researches held in these subjects. For its part, DVA had started the implementation of synergies so as to achieve a more efficient use of waste, which can have a very important value as a resource, and gave a conference to share the results of its research with all the people present at the event.  

II Congress of Energy Services (II Congreso ESES), in Barcelona (Spain)
March 2012

DVA highlighted the importance of the energy sector at the II Congress of Energy Services, held in Barcelona, from March 13th-14th. This event was a complete success and more than 800 people in the congress showed their interest in the energy sector/market. DVA presented at the event the conference “Desarrollo de un modelo de Baseline mediante técnicas Data Mining para la M&V de ahorros energéticos en planta química” (a conference on the development of a baseline model using data mining for the measurement and verification of energy savings in a chemical plant), by Professor Ramón Velázquez Vila, professor of Energy Engineering and DVA advisor. 

VII National Congress of Thermodynamic Engineering
June 2011

DVA bets on sustainable energy in Spain. DVA participated in this congress in order to make further progress in the field of energy efficiency and promoted sustainable energy as a way of combating climate change. The congress took place during the month of June, in Bilbao (Spain), and Marina Fernández and José Rodríguez presented the posters “Estudio y optimización energética de una planta de biodiesel” (Study and energy optimisation of a biodiesel plant) and “Metodología para la mejora de la eficiencia energética en la industria del refino” (Methodology for the improvement of energy efficiency in the refinery industry). 

Conference on Energy Efficiency
May 2011

The conference “Eficiencia Energética y Mejora del Mantenimiento en el Sector Industrial” (Energy efficiency and improvement in the maintenance of the industrial sector) was organised by Unidad Editorial Conferencias y Formación and had David Velázquez as its president and moderator. DVA’s Director-General, David Velázquez, also participated in the event with his conference “Optimización energética global de plantas industriales” (Global energy optimisation of industrial plants), in which he talked about the advances and progress that DVA Global Energy Services is making in the field. 

Seminar on Energy Management in paper industry
May 2011

David Velázquez shared his knowledge and experience in the paper industry sector with his conference “Eficiencia energética avanzada para la reducción de costes energéticos y emisiones de CO2” (Advanced energy efficiency for reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions). Held at the IPE (Instituto Papelero Español, Spanish Paper Industry Institute) headquarters in Madrid (Spain), with the participation of the most important references in the sector, the seminar focused on the reduction of energy consumption within the paper industry.  

International Energy Fair Egética-Expoenergética
February 2011

David Velázquez, DVA’s Director-General, was in charge of the conference “Actuación de ESE en plantas de cogeneración: oportunidad de negocio” (Energy Services Companies’ performance in cogeneration plants: a business opportunity). The event took place in Valencia (Spain) and it has become an important reference in the energy sector. 

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