ISO 50001 implementation
Energy management systems are normally used to obtain long-term reductions in energy consumption, resulting in the enhancement of the company’s competitiveness in the marketplace and strengthening its corporative image.

ISO 50001 defines energy management system (EnMS) as “set of interrelated or interacting elements to establish energy policy and energy objectives, and processes and procedures to achieve those objectives”.

ISO 50001 aims to provide organisations with strategies and systems to increase energy efficiency and improve energy performance.

DVA has a wide experience on the implementation of energy management systems following ISO standards (previously, with ISO 16001, and currently, with ISO 50001). Our knowledge regarding industrial energy and our experience with energy management systems make us an essential asset for our clients to implement ISO 50001 regulations and standards in their plants.


Energy Management Software: iManergy™
iManergy™, developed by DVA and based on business intelligence, is an innovative energy management system that sets goals in the form of indicators which have been calculated through statistical modelling using data mining.

Thanks to the previous analyses and studies carried out, iManergy™ consolidates the savings achieved and identifies new opportunities. Moreover, savings are based on operations, so there are no investment costs involved.

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